common knowledge

spray paint, 2008

Enzephalomat 88

biofeedback device for self therapy
couch, light unit, headphones, eeg electrodes, 2010

Wiesnwriter MK1 alpha 2000+

lawn printing device for creative gardening, together with Tom Kohlbauer
metal rig, magnetic activators, microcontroller, 2009

ambient intervention

interactive ambisonic sound installation, as part of the "Milch & Honig Festival", HS Augsburg, together with Philipp Rockel
speaker array, camera, 2008


electronics/software for life performance by Karl Kliem, 2008
fluorescent tubes, dimming circuit, microcontroller, 2008

information vacuum cleaner

interactive installation, together with Bernd Riedel
vacuum cleaner, led bar, IR camera, projector, 2007

other projects

Lumatik, media facade concept, 2008
Lumen, interactive virtual environment, 2007